Nutra-Phyto Incubation Centre &
Common Instrumentation Facility
( A project initiated by CSIR-CFTRI,Mysore & KBITS,Govt. of Karnataka)

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Current Incubatees @ NPIC-CIF

    Nutriparadise foods

    NutriParadise Foods LLP is a pioneering company in the field of convenient therapeutic food products. Currently the company is supplying functional food products exclusively for hospitalized patients. The company wants to "put the treat" in treatment by giving a new meaning to patients eating whcih can support the treatment and speed up the recovery.

    Potential Health Development

    PHD has won first prize in the Hackathon organized by Silicon RD Ideation Labs Pvt. Ltd., Mysuru. They were also awarded with DST Research Grant under 'Nidhi Prayas' scheme recently.

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    Atharva Plantation Solutions Pvt. Ltd., Mysuru

    Atharva Plantation Solutions is a start-up incubatee managed by Mr.Chamaraj Prasad working in the area of standardization of quality parchment coffee production through fermentation and comprehensive waste management generated out of wet processing of coffee. The company is offering various technical services such as setting up of effluent treatment plant, quality parchment production rpcess set up and so on.

    Magnimous Info Tech Pvt. Ltd., Bengaluru

    Magnimousis creating gateway for modern biosensing technologies to decode molecular information and Futuristic biosensors for Food and healthcare. The group closely follows the emerging field of biosensing and is active in the domains such as Point of Care Technology - Vitamin B12 sensor and Bio-assay development (e.g., aptamers, biofunctionalized nanomaterials). Vision of the company is developing affordable biosensors for the early monitoring of diseases pathogens and vital health information.

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